JanuaryFebruary 2009
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Sakrete Sack Program 
Raises $82,500

Credited with 20 quarterback sacks during the 2008 professional football regular season, DeMarcus Ware, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, has been named the winner of the 2008 Sakrete Sack Program. The program will make a donation on behalf of Ware to HomeAid (homeaid.org), a national non-profit provider of housing for today’s homeless, bringing the company’s total contribution up to $82,500 since the Sakrete Sack Program’s inception.

The Sakrete Sack Program was created by Sakrete to raise money to help fight homelessness. The program tracks the number of quarterback sacks for each participating team. Four teams participated this year: Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons.

As the overall league winner, Ware will have $10,000 awarded in his name to HomeAid in the coming weeks. In addition, Sakrete has already made a charitable donation of $5,000 in the names of each of the Sakrete Sack team leaders: Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham, New York Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis, and Buffalo Bills defensive end, Ryan Denney, and linebacker, Kawika Mitchell. MD