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    Best Practices For Outdoor Living

    Designing an outdoor living space has come a long way for your customers. A couple of decades ago they may have only spent time choosing a grill and table to set on top of a rectangular concrete slab. But today, Americans of all stripes and means have rediscovered the potential of these spaces to be an extension of their home.

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    Designing an Adhered Masonry Veneer – Part 3

    Words: Steven Fechino Photo: Bartco Over these few months we have looked at the design of adhered masonry veneer walls that would be found in many residential and commercial projects are the country. We started with covering several components of the structural substrate. We focused on a stud wall construction, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), plywood, bituminous and gypsum sheathing. We also discussed the performance of each product and how they relate to the wall system. In case ...[READ MORE]
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    Walls, Spalls, and Brawls: The Roger’s Park Brick Tour

    Words: Cassandra Stern  Photos: Squatch Media   It was an unseasonably warm day last fall when MASONRY Design was invited to join our newest columnist, GEN NXT participant, and brick enthusiast Will Quam on a brick tour of Rogers Park in Chicago. As a theater teacher by professional trade, Quam’s interest in bricks in bricks is unusual, to say the least. Still, the breadth of his historical and technical trade knowledge is impressive, especially for someone who began studying the subject just ...[READ MORE]
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    Cellular Glass Returns to North America

    Words: Tiffany Coppock, AIA, NCARB, CSI, CDT, LEED AP, ASTM, RCI, EDAC, Commercial Building Systems Specialist at Owens Corning Photos: Owens Corning, stevegeer  Masonry construction has long been valued in America’s mission critical buildings for its inherent durability, redundant properties, compressive strength, heat/moisture/vapor resistance and ecological profile. Now, cellular glass insulation is reintroducing these same qualities to the rooftops of mission critical commercial buildings. In June at the “AIA Conference on Architecture 2019” in Las Vegas, Owens Corning announced FOAMGLAS® cellular glass rigid board insulation is returning to America.  What defines a “mission critical” building? While every building has a mission, the potential cost of a disruption can inflict may be devastating ...[READ MORE]