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Organization Expands Its Free
Masonry Education Programs

RMMI, a Denver-based consortium of more than 120 masonry-related companies throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, is expanding on its series of free monthly Lunch-n-Learn seminars for architects by offering similar courses for engineers. The seminars are geared specifically to the professional needs of the target audience, and the topics are based upon information requests from architects and engineers. All seminars will be taught at RMMI, 686 Mariposa St., Denver, CO 80204.

The seminars for architects continue to be presented on the second Wednesday of every month (third Wednesday in January). AIA self-report credit still will be available for these 90-minute sessions. The engineering courses will be offered on the first Wednesday of every month (second Wednesday in January).

The first eight engineering seminars will be presented by Mike Schuller, P.E., president of Atkinson-Noland. The series will constitute a course in “Masonry Engineering Basics” aimed at practicing engineers who have never had a college-level masonry design course. RMMI says those who attend all of the lunchtime seminars will have the basic information they need to design reinforced masonry following current building codes.

The 2008 Lunch-n-Learn schedules are as follows:

Architectural Lunch-n-Learns:

Jan. 16  —  Top 10 Worst Details & How to Fix Them
Feb. 13  —  Proposed Changes to the LEED System
March 12  —  Manufactured Stone: Best Practices
April 9  —  Masonry in the Landscape
May 14  —  How to Make Your Single Wythe Wall Perform Better
June 11  —  TBA
July 9  —  TBA
Aug. 13  —  TBA
Sept. 10  —  A Masonry Tour of Prague and Budapest
Oct. 8  —  So You Bought a Historic Masonry Building… Now What
Nov. 12  —  Review of Documented Green Research on Masonry
Dec. 10  —  Flashing – The Most Important Masonry Detail

Engineering Lunch-n-Learns:

Jan. 9  —  Specifying Engineered Masonry
Feb. 6  —  Setting Up a Jobsite Quality Assurance Program
March 5  —  Designing for Flexure: Beams and Lintels
April 2  —  Axial Loads
May 7  —  Combined Flexure and Axial Loads
June 4  —  Designing for Shear (Beams and Walls)
July 2  —  Distributing Loads to Shear Walls
Aug. 6  —  Detailing Reinforcement and Anchorage
Sept. 3  —  Highlighting Masonry in Your Design
Oct. 1  —  TBA
Nov. 5  —  Web-based System for Learning How to Test and Evaluate Masonry
Dec. 3  —  TBA

For the most up-to-date schedule information please visit www.rmmi.org. MD