Spring 2015

New Products



InsulTech™ ICMU by TrenwythInsulTech™ ICMU by Trenwyth, an Oldcastle Architectural Brand, is a complete thermally broken insulated masonry system, which includes a full complement of masonry units. Insultech offers high thermal efficiency in an innovative design combining a pre-assembled structural masonry unit, molded EPS insulation insert, and thin veneer face. It provides design flexibility, installation efficiency, and is available in standard finishes as well as Trenwyth colors and textures, the manufacturer says.

Features and benefits of the system include the following:

  • Complete insulated concrete masonry system with a full complement of masonry units
  • Consists of a pre-assembled structural masonry unit, molded EPS insulation insert and thin veneer face with finished size of 12” x 8” x 16”
  • Installed as a complete assembly to improve installation efficiency
  • BASF Neopor® EPS molded insulation inserts provide a 15.2 R value
  • Fully thermally broken units and system
  • Meets 2012 IECC Energy codes from Zones 1 through 7
  • Internal stainless steel metal anchors molded into EPS inserts ensures safety connection to the back wall providing wind-load resistance and Fire Integrity™ for fire safety
  • Innovative design provides continuous insulation and air tightness formed by the EPS inserts in combination with compliant closed cell gasket material
  • Multitude of color and texture options for aesthetic needs.