April 4, 2017 — Two California-based architecture firms, AXIS Architecture + Design and Gene Fong Associates, have merged their design studios. As of April 1, 2017, the merged company will operate as AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design. 

AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, is positioned to serve clients across the Western United States and Hawaii. In addition to increasing the firm’s geographic base, the merger leverages both AXIS‘ and GFA’s expertise in hotel design, hospitality facility renovations, and multi-family residential design.  With a larger team and deeper combined experience, AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design will be able to undertake more projects simultaneously and lead projects of increased complexity and size.

Staff at the former AXIS office in San Francisco and the former GFA office in Los Angeles will remain unchanged following the merger.  Locally, Gene Fong will continue to lead the team of architects at AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design’s Los Angeles office, while founding principals Cory Creath and Shawn Alexander will oversee the firm’s combined operations from the firm’s San Francisco office.

AXIS Architecture + Design is an award-winning full-service international architecture and design firm based in San Francisco, California.  Although an all-industry firm, AXIS Architecture + Design offers particular expertise in hospitality design, hotel architecture, hospitality facility renovations, and multi-family residential architectural design.

Gene Fong Associates, based in Westwood Village in Los Angeles, was founded over 20 years ago as a full-service architecture and design firm, and has since developed a noted expertise in new-build hospitality and multi-family architecture projects.

SOURCE AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design

For further information, contact Cory Creath, Principal Architect, ccreath@axisgfa.com, or visit the firm’s dedicated page at http://www.axisgfa.com/merger.