ARCOM is pleased to announce the release of Masterworks 7.2, the industry’s most extensive productivity software for word processors, and the unveiling of Paragraph Builder, a brand-new Masterworks feature that further streamlines the editing process for MasterSpec® licensees. Masterworks Paragraph Builder reduces the amount of time and energy specifiers spend on manually deleting and adding content related to manufacturers and products.

As with prior versions, Masterworks 7.2 provides tools and productivity features for creating and editing construction specifications quickly and easily and includes wizards for automating repetitive tasks, global editing and formatting, extensive reports, and much more. Masterworks also includes SpecAgent®, a companion resource that provides side-by-side access to manufacturer product information while editing MasterSpec.

Paragraph Builder eliminates the need for specifiers to manually edit each MasterSpec option, the customizable bold text bound by brackets featuring variants of paragraphs, manufacturers, products, and materials. As the specifier retains and deletes options, Paragraph Builder ensures correct language and formatting and shows the Section Text taking shape in a preview window.

Especially helpful is Paragraph Builder’s ability to make global manufacturer or product changes throughout an entire section at once with a section-level view. As specifiers select the product types, Paragraph Builder provides a visual indicator of which manufacturers make at least one product for each product type, ensuring continuity throughout the document.

Paragraph Builder also allows the specifier to easily access additional product data and information provided by the manufacturer.

Masterworks is a product in ARCOM’s SpecWare® suite of specification productivity software and is provided complimentary to all current MasterSpec clients. To view an instructional video for the Masterworks Paragraph Builder, click here.