AmerimixAmerimix, a manufacturer of preblended mortar, grout and stucco products, has launched a comprehensive re-branding initiative—including new messaging and a new logo that will be incorporated throughout all communication elements. This is part of the company’s “sustained commitment towards helping masons and plasterers ‘build better’ with the company’s product line.”

Amerimix provides a full line of preblended mortar, core fill grouts and stuccos, as well as specialty cements. Its products are engineered and factory blended to precise specifications that meet ASTM standards and take the guesswork out of field mixing.

Featuring a bold red color palette, the new logo—designed around a diamond trowel pattern and hints of the company’s silo delivery system—offers Amerimix an easily identifiable mark as the company continues expanding availability across the United States to both new and existing customers. New easier-to-read packaging, with bolder color queues, will aid in the correct application of Amerimix products at the jobsite and provide easier product identification, the company says.

According to Senior VP of Amerimix Eric Peterson, the re-branding is more than just a logo, it’s the culmination of an intensive evaluation of the company and how it delivered on the value proposition to its key constituents.

“From day one, the goal was to create a clear message, both with visuals and our wording, so customers and stakeholders within our organization understood not only our product lines, but also what we stand for in terms of delivering service and quality on a consistent basis. We understand there’s a trust factor when selecting a brand—reputations depend on our product preforming on the jobsite,” Peterson said. “Strong brands create brand loyalty because our users trust them. When we earn a customer’s trust, their advocacy for our brand, in the form of recommendations and repeat purchases, is invaluable. This new look gives us a solid foundation to build on.”