The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has updated its LEED Online portal with new functionality, based on feedback from current users. Detailed below are some of the key changes to the site:

Campus and volume access rights
To give administrators on campus and volume certification teams increased control in a campus/portfolio, USGBC has introduced the new “Access Rights” tab. Users with Administrator- or Manager-level authorization can now assign team members one of three levels of access to each project: View, Edit, and No Access. Learn more.

Precertification worksheet
In order to help streamline the Core and Shell precertification process, USGBC developed the new precertification worksheet, replacing credit forms during the precertification review phase. This new tool helps reduce and clarify documentation requirements for project teams and can be found under the new “CS Precert” tab within the project in LEED Online. Learn more.

LEED Online forms update
An update to the v2009 forms was launched through LEED Online (called the v06 forms release). These new forms have the look and feel of the v4 forms, with added campus and group functionality that allow users to enter data into offline calculators. Learn more.

SI/IP unit selection
Already available to v4 projects, International unit selection (SI units) will now be an option on all projects registered after Jan. 4, 2016.