The Abvent Group of France has announced that Twinmotion 2018 has won the Silver prize in the “Digital, BIM & New Technology” category in the 2017 BATIMAT Innovation Awards. The results were revealed at the Mondial du Bâtiment Awards Ceremony at Le Trianon (Paris, France) on Sept. 18. The ceremony gathered entrants, industry representatives, the media and the judges. Five videos on Twinmotion’s YouTube channel ( offer a look at the new features in Twinmotion 2018 that caught the judges’ eye.

The 2017 Innovation Awards is a reflection of the entire sector’s drive for innovation and stand-out products and services, with 217 entrants. The Mondial du Bâtiment Innovation Awards and ceremony are organized in partnership with ADEME and reveal market trends and support the launch of new products and services.

The 2017 Innovation Awards include several panels of judges comprising approximately 100 independent French and international experts from institutions, certification bodies, contractors, project owners, businesses, distributors and specialist press publications. The judges consider the technical performance, design, functionalities and user benefits of the solutions proposed to select nominees across nine categories.

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