Trelligence, Inc. will be demonstrating a number of the new, cloud-based features of its Trelligence Affinity™ software at the Revit Technology Conference (RTC) at Stone Mountain, Ga., from June 28-30, 2012.

At its booth at RTC, Trelligence will demonstrate some of the features of the Affinity Cloud Bridge™, which provides access to data in the Affinity repository from anywhere on the web, using essentially any platform. This includes importing and exporting data from the repository, performing queries and generating reports against the repository, as well as other access and operations against the repository. As part of the demonstrations, Trelligence will show how the Affinity Cloud Bridge features are accessible from tablets, smart phones, and other devices.

“From its inception, we designed and built Affinity to be repository-centric and web-capable,” said Larry Ciscon, Trelligence president. “With Affinity, we provide network-based team collaboration and web-based dynamic access to data – these are the cloud-based capabilities our customers have told us they want. To accomplish this, we built Affinity as a modular series of functional blocks that can communicate and interoperate across many different types of deployments. And we placed these functional modules on top of a robust repository that can maintain data elements accessible over network-based environments; we provide a flexible platform that can handle the type of deployment, including cloud implementations, that best fit our clients’ workflows. With the Affinity Cloud Bridge, we are improving the ease with which the data in the Affinity repository can be accessed in cloud environments.”

The current Affinity 7 release supports a network-based collaboration environment for dispersed team projects. The Affinity Cloud Bridge is in beta release.