Dan Kamys, Editorial Director

When the MCAA was presented the opportunity to purchase MASONRY DESIGN from Lionheart Publishing, amagazine that the Association itself helped start, we jumped at the opportunity. For over a decade and well before my time at the MCAA, MASONRY DESIGN has served as a cornerstone within the architectural community.

Thank you for reading our first issue of this magazine.

MASONRY, our other magazine aimed at the contractor side of things, talks about the trade. Here, we will focus on why masonry is the logical choice when it comes to material selection. Resiliency, beauty, sustainability, cost, and safety are all going to be among the regular topics we cover. There’s a reason you see castles around the world still standing after hundreds and thousands of years, and it isn’t because they’re made of a material that can rot or be blown over.

Some things you should know about the magazine: we circulate to approximately 12,000 members of the design, architectural, planning, and educational communities. One of our missions with the new magazine is to expand the current reach within educational institutions so we are able to demonstrate the choice of masonry at the scholastic level. Additionally, we have a digital distribution of about 13,000.

We are also adding some new regular features to the magazine, including: landscape architecture, highlighting universities’ design programs, restoration and rehabilitation, creative design, and resiliency. By expanding the focus of our magazine to be more than just hammering away at masonry as a building material choice, but to inform the larger picture.

The creativity that comes along in designing with masonry is highlighted in our inaugural cover story, written by the one and only Malcolm Holzman. Having immersed ourselves in the world of architecture since getting our hands on this magazine, my Editor Bronzella and I are well aware of what having a titan of the design community contribute to our publication means. We sincerely hope that his article is one of your first stops when you check out the book.

Like with our other magazines, we are certainly always open to suggestions, but more importantly contributions. If your firm has worked on a project that involves masonry, we’d love to hear about it. Our goal is to expand the horizon of how masonry is currently viewed into something much broader.

Please enjoy our first issue of the magazine, and feel free to write us with any comments or contributions! My email is dkamys@masonrymagazine.com and Bronzella’s, who you’ll meet in a page or two, is bcleveland@masonrymagazine.com.