SHARKMARX, LLC, an online marketplace that links buyers and sellers of landscape products, has launched a new procurement engine.

“This is an exciting development for our industry,” said George Beiter, SHARKMARX co-founder. “For the first time ever, landscape professionals are able to buy and sell landscape products over the Internet. This seems simple to most consumers, but when you’re working with forklifts and pallets that weigh as much as an average car, the logistics are a little trickier.”

Buyers of landscape products simply post their material needs on the SHARKMARX website. Its procurement engine automatically solicits bids from authorized sellers of those products. Each seller can submit competitive bids to earn the business. Winning sellers arrange delivery or pick-up as specified by the buyer’s material needs.

“The strength of our model is the reverse auction,” said Dan Degan, co-founder. “Our engine uses the reverse auction to get sellers competing for business, thus driving the price down for the seller and guaranteeing they get the best possible price.” In return, Degan added, sellers get access to new markets and sales channels that were otherwise unavailable to them. “So it’s a win-win situation,” he noted.