In April 2012, Keene Building Products introduced its new masonry cavity drainage device called the KeeneStone Cut. Thicknesses for the KeeneStone Cut include one, and two inches to satisfy commercial, and residential masonry cavity wall requirements. The KeeneStone Cut employs the industry recognized “keystone” shape to ensure proper masonry cavity drainage and ventilation.

The KeeneStone Cut is a three-dimensional, geometric patterned core with a high loft fabric laminated to one side. The highly compressible, nylon fabric is able to fill the cavity, allowing it to change thickness up to a half-inch to prevent any mortar blockage. This product is designed to catch, and hold mortar dropping, while allowing moisture to pass through, and keep the weep holes open. It does not require mechanical fasteners, and is manufactured to be 10 inches in height within the cavity. It will provide drainage and ventilation, while keeping weep holes unclogged, and preventing damage to flashing.

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