Hanson Brick, one of North America’s largest brick manufacturers, will launch a new ad campaign and design in the New Year. For more than a year, Hanson Brick has been working to design a new concept that aligns the brand’s values with the evolving needs of its customers.

As the economy and housing market has changed, so have the needs of the home builder and buyer, the company says. Hanson now aims to target them through ads that speak to what they desire from a brick company: reliability, sustainability and affordability.

“We want to let home builders and buyers know that we understand and appreciate their priorities when choosing a brick manufacturer,” said Charlie Ward, senior vice president and general manager of Hanson Building Products. “We also want to invite them to learn more about Hanson Brick and our company’s products and values.”

The new campaign features beautiful illustrations that showcase the hard mechanics and utility of bricks as a building material, while also conveying life, nature and sustainability in how they are used. Accompanying the visuals is the tagline: “Bring your vision to life and life to your vision.”

“The message conveys our company’s vision of bringing sustainable beauty to our communities,” continued Ward. “Our bricks are not just bricks, they are the most visual and sustainable element in building dreams that last a lifetime. That is what we are selling.”

These new design concepts, produced by Charlotte-based illustrator Gary Palmer, will also be featured on the Hanson website and Brick app for the iPad and iPhone. The first phase of the ad campaign, featuring a Hanson brick spec with a hummingbird, was released in October. Hanson plans to release two more ads featuring other animals in 2013.