Dörken Systems Inc., a North-American manufacturer of air and moisture barriers, has launched the DELTA® Academy, a host of education programs for building professionals who strive to build to a higher standard. DELTA Academy gives building professionals, such as architects, specifiers and contractors, access to relevant and timely information addressing new research findings and industry standards, curated and presented by the industry’s key thought leaders. DELTA Academy is easy to access, convenient and simple to use.

The Academy will kick off its education programs on Sept. 25, 2017, with “The Perfect Wall: Building Better Enclosures Seminar, hosted by Dr. John Straube at the Atlantic Wharf in Boston; followed by seminars in St. Louis, Mo., on Oct. 18 and in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 2.

In an effort to increase accessibility and convenience for all, additional education programs offered — such as presentations, seminars, workshops and panels hosted by industry experts, academic research, case studies, and online modules — will begin to roll out in 2018. DELTA Academy will also deliver AIA-accredited and approved sessions, to be available as full-day, in-person workshops, ideal for earning AIA CEU credits.

As part of its extensive curricula, DELTA Academy will equip building professionals with the knowledge they need to create buildings that perform at increasingly higher levels. This includes vital information pertaining to proper installation and application techniques; updates to building codes; new and existing requirements from associations such as LEED® (USGBC), EEBA, ABAA and Passive House; product and process innovations; and overall best practices.

To learn more about DELTA Academy and the critical role air and moisture barriers play in high-performance buildings, visit the new Dörken Systems website at www.Dorken.com.