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An Efficient Workflow Set in Stone

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a career that would get me outside and thinking creatively. So, when I found landscape architecture in high school, I knew I had found a way to piece my passions together to create a fulfilling career.  

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No Picture

Better Relationships, Better Specifications

By Ron Baer

The relationship between an architect and a contractor is not always smooth, but in the end they need to work as partners. After a few successful projects, perhaps the intermediate relationship problems can be nearly eliminated and the teamwork can be established early in a project. In this way, the masonry contractor has familiarity with the architect’s design concepts and the architect has the benefit of the masonry contractor’s hands-on experience in creating specifications for the job.

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masonry staining
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Masonry Magic

Let’s say you’re working on a restoration project and your customer comes to you with a 20-year-old brick asking if you have a match. What do you say? “Don’t have it. Good luck, try somewhere else”? If that is your approach, chances are your potential customer is going to look for another option, such as stucco or vinyl, to avoid the hassle of looking for an acceptable brick match.

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