MayJune 2008
Industry News

Business Briefs:
Residential Hardscaping Trend:
Raised Concrete Patios
Increase in Popularity

According to recent industry reports, many homeowners looking to add value to their homes and some perhaps looking to enhance their lifestyles are turning to raised concrete patios.

The raised patio, built with landscaping and hardscape products, offers a unique outdoor living upgrade with greater construction options and aesthetic advantages when compared with traditional wood-framed decks. Additionally, the hardscape products tend to have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance.

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) notes that an additional benefit of raised patios is that they are well-suited for steeply sloped land where a wooden deck would be unsuitable.

According to Kirchner Block & Brick (Bridgeton, Mo.), one of the many U.S. companies reaping the benefits of this design trend, homeowners are including raised concrete patios and segmented retaining walls in extensive exterior construction projects to create one-of-a-kind features such as outdoor fire pits, barbeque grills and fireplaces; graduated terraces and gathering areas; and unique wall pillars, garden paths and steps.

“With the challenges presented by today’s current market situation, many more homeowners are inclined to renovate their current residences instead of buying or building a new home,” said Mark Wilhelms, one of the company’s sales managers. “This renovation trend extends to their outdoor environments as well. … Homeowners see these raised patios and outdoor environmental upgrades as not only an investment for their leisure and enjoyment today, but also in the value of their home for future generations.”

To read about the essential design and construction considerations for installing integrated wall and paver systems for raised patios, the ICPI has an archived article available on its website titled, “The Engineer’s View: Raised Patio Construction” by Rob Burak, P. Eng. To learn more about Kirchner Block & Brick, visit www.kirchnerblock.comMD