ARCOM’s most recent MasterSpec® update introduced Masterworks 7.0 for the Mac for use with Microsoft Word 2011. An addition to ARCOM’s SpecWare suite of software, Masterworks for the Mac is the latest development in the industry’s most extensive productivity software for use with word processors.

With Masterworks 7.0, licensed MasterSpec users can seamlessly produce, edit, and update construction specifications through the master guide specification system.

Masterworks for the Mac features:

  • single-file tools to create and edit paragraphs, optional text, and notes
  • multi-file tools:
  • create tables of contents
  • edit headers and footers
  • format documents
  • convert sections to MasterFormat 1995
  • generate reports, including submittal and LEED reports
  • Format Wizard to save format settings and apply to other projects
  • SpecAgent resources to find the most up-to-date product and manufacturer information

“Formerly only available for PC users, Masterworks now fills a substantial need for our valued Mac users in the specifications industry,” said Christopher Bushnell, ARCOM’s president and CEO. “For MasterSpec licensees, Masterworks for the Mac will dramatically simplify spec creation with user-friendly tools for formatting, performing global edits, creating reports, and more.”

To view screenshots of Masterworks 7.0 for the Mac, visit SpecTalk, the ARCOM blog, here.


Masterworks 7.0 for the Mac is now available for licensed users of MasterSpec and will be available to SpecText licensees with the next SpecText update. ARCOM will release Masterworks 7.0 for the Mac with MasterSpec Small Project 2013, anticipated for release in the fall.