Admixtures play a vital role in the appearance, consistency, durability and performance of concrete and other building materials. There are a myriad of products on the market to aid in coloring, water use, weight, strengthening, and more. One example is the MasterFiber line of products from BASF, which is designed to help prevent concrete cracking in paving and other projects. The MasterFiber series is offered in four levels of reinforcement:

  • Level 1: Control of plastic shrinkage cracking—MasterFiber microsynthetic monofilament fibers
  • Level 2: Replacement of light gauge welded-wire reinforcement—MasterFiber microsynthetic fibrillated fibers
  • Level 3: Post-crack control and replacement of traditional shrinkage and temperature reinforcement—MasterFiber macrosynthetic fibers
  • Level 4: Partial or complete replacement of structural steel reinforcing bars—MasterFiber macrosynthetic fibers.