Acme Brick Introduces TC Cladding

A new “green” cladding product from Acme Brick Co. combines all the benefits of masonry in new sizes and uses a fast method of application. Acme TC (terra cotta) Cladding is manufactured to strict tolerances in an ISO9001-certified plant, ensuring trouble-free installation. These panels combine light weight, durability and low maintenance with a fresh, modern feel. Plus, the panel system requires less on-site labor and installs in all weather conditions using multiple methods, including the Fast Track Stone system. Standard panel sizes are 1.18 x 16 x 36 inches or 1.18 x 16 x 48 inches, and TC Cladding is currently available in 15 colors. For more details and specifications, visit Whether you’re designing, specifying or constructing a building, choose Acme TC Cladding for its contemporary look, versatility, performance and savings.