JanFeb 2008: From the Publisher – Developing a coordinated and consistent voice for the industry

John Llewellyn, publisher Masonry Design Magazine

John Llewellyn,

In 2007, Lionheart Publishing celebrated its 20th anniversary as a custom and contract publisher. Currently, Lionheart publishes seven national magazines, including three titles for the construction industry. To learn more about
the company, visit www.lionhrtpub.com.

Toward the end of 2006, I started to think about how there was an important hole to be filled in the world of business-to-business publishing for the construction industry. My thought was that neither independent publishers nor professional associations were serving the needs of architects and engineers who design with masonry. I saw a need to educate and enlighten the design and engineering community about the benefits of using masonry materials in building structures, interiors and landscapes. Thus, the initial idea for Masonry Design was born.

I saw the magazine as an addition to the program being developed by the Masonry Executive Council (MEC) and the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) to promote masonry more effectively. These organizations and others have encouraged this company’s development of Masonry Design, but I think it is important to note that the magazine will remain an independent resource for the industry.

In addition, Lionheart Publishing has received a very enthusiastic reaction from many of the suppliers and contractors that know us through our other title for this industry, Masonry. But whereas Masonry is geared toward contractors and provides them with information and ideas about improving their operations and methods, we want Masonry Design to educate and inform those contractors’ customers.

Since the birth of this magazine’s concept, the staff at Lionheart has been hard at work on developing the editorial content and design for this publication, as well as spreading the word among A/E firms, landscape design companies, and the many companies and manufacturers that serve these businesses. They’ve worked day and night to bring this first issue to fruition, and I would like to extend my gratitude to them for their hard work.

With an initial circulation of about 15,000 for this issue, our plan is to increase circulation to 25,000 to 30,000 by 2010 and to be monthly by then as well. We also look to develop a strong presence on the web.

So our goals for the publication are to build upon our relationship with the MCAA and MEC, and to reach out to other industry-related associations so that the masonry community can develop a coordinated and consistent voice to be able to compete in the future. And as the individuals and firms whose decisions to design with masonry affects the entire masonry industry directly, your participation and support of Masonry Design is crucial as well. Tell us about projects you’re working on, give us your opinions on issues that are important to you and the industry, let us know about new products being tested or introduced, and inform us of anything else going on that you see as pertinent to this industry. It should go without saying that a better bottom line for the masonry industry is better for your bottom line as well.

 – John Llewellyn