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    Historic Masonry Restoration Best Practices

    Words: Amy Lamb Woods, P.E., Director of Technical Education, International Masonry Institute, and Casey Weisdock, Director of Technical Education, International Masonry Institute Introduction Historic masonry buildings have common issues that architects, engineers, conservators, contractors, and owners are often challenged with evaluating and addressing. Historic generally refers to buildings 50 years of age or greater with significance architecturally or culturally (Figure 1). For this older building stock to continue being relevant in the modern era, modifications and upgrades are needed. This changes how the historic masonry enclosure functions. Thoughtfully and ...[READ MORE]
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    Design Intent and Constructive Collaboration

    Designers are responsible for converting the design intent into specific indications and words in the construction documents; and it’s the contractor’s responsibility to interpret those indications and words to bid and construct the project. It’s not the designer’s intent but the words and indications that get priced in the contractor’s bid.

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    Drones In Masonry

    Editor’s Note: This article originally ran in the January 2017 issue of our sister publication MASONRY Magazine. The use of technology in architecture and even on construction jobsites is sky-rocketing, this story emphasizes the benefits of using drones. We hope you enjoy this story as much the readers of MASONRY did.   As one of the oldest trades, masonry is known for its rich history, passionate workers, and beautiful long-lasting structures. However, the industry is currently ...[READ MORE]
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    A Monumental Journey: Art & Architecture in Masonry

    Words: Megan Rajner Photos: SeedorffMasonry Celebrating a Moment in Time of Great Magnitude “It was a monumental journey. It took us 12 years to get here, but we did arrive.”  -Kerry James Marshall, Artist The United States of America is filled with activists. Activists, who not only fight for what they believe in but also commemorate the milestones our country has reached as a people. Amidst the constant controversy in political, economic, and social scenes we see ...[READ MORE]