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    BIM MUD for 2018 Update

    BIM-M continues to expand its reach into the AEC community by supplying its customers access to several new BIM masonry tools.  Building Information Modeling for Masonry’s MUD, or masonry unit database completed version 1 to include a modest representation of generic concrete and clay masonry units.  These units are now available for immediate download directly from the MUD website – www.mudb.orgor indirectly from the BIMM website at www.bimformasonry.org. The database user portal provides a single ...[READ MORE]
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    Material Selection: Hornblende

    The 200-mile drive across northern Wisconsin was typical even as a first-time adventure. Route 29 east and the roads from Eau Claire were easy to follow to Peshtigo. Abandoning the office and the design environment to locate and research materials for special building applications is a well-developed firm practice.

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