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    The Architectural Institute for Architecture Students (AIAS) comes together every year in one city during winter break to network, attend informative sessions with other leaders, discuss relevant issues and topics that are related to architecture, interact with the organization’s sponsors, conduct official business for the organization, and much more. Additionally, the new Board of Directors is elected from an established pool of candidates, each candidate had the opportunity to deliver his or her respective speech, ...[READ MORE]
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    An Efficient Workflow Set in Stone

    Growing up, I always knew I wanted a career that would get me outside and thinking creatively. So, when I found landscape architecture in high school, I knew I had found a way to piece my passions together to create a fulfilling career.   While attending Penn State, I developed a passion for the natural environment and began exploring how a landscape designer can pull the existing, natural surroundings into his or her designs. I learned ...[READ MORE]
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    The Next Generation: Amy Rosen, President of AIAS

    Editor’s Note: This is the introductory article in our new series, The Next Generation. In this interview series, we will speak with younger professionals in the industry, in order to provide insight into the future of the architecture and design world. It is our hope for these interviews to be an information hub for those who are interested in going into this field. We’re hoping to spark interest and motivation in the next generation. What ...[READ MORE]