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    Drones In Masonry

    Editor’s Note: This article originally ran in the January 2017 issue of our sister publication MASONRY Magazine. The use of technology in architecture and even on construction jobsites is sky-rocketing, this story emphasizes the benefits of using drones. We hope you enjoy this story as much the readers of MASONRY did.   As one of the oldest trades, masonry is known for its rich history, passionate workers, and beautiful long-lasting structures. However, the industry is currently ...[READ MORE]
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    A Monumental Journey: Art & Architecture in Masonry

    Words: Megan Rajner Photos: SeedorffMasonry Celebrating a Moment in Time of Great Magnitude “It was a monumental journey. It took us 12 years to get here, but we did arrive.”  -Kerry James Marshall, Artist The United States of America is filled with activists. Activists, who not only fight for what they believe in but also commemorate the milestones our country has reached as a people. Amidst the constant controversy in political, economic, and social scenes we see ...[READ MORE]
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    The Architectural Institute for Architecture Students (AIAS) comes together every year in one city during winter break to network, attend informative sessions with other leaders, discuss relevant issues and topics that are related to architecture, interact with the organization’s sponsors, conduct official business for the organization, and much more. Additionally, the new Board of Directors is elected from an established pool of candidates, each candidate had the opportunity to deliver his or her respective speech, ...[READ MORE]



Words: Chris Bettinger, Masonry Association of Florida Board of Directors, Masonry Association of Florida ProMasonry Chairman, Architectural – Commercial Sales Specification Representative
Photos: Bradley Masonry 

I had a choice in writing this article. Should I focus on masonry specifications, strengths, and tolerances or, the inspiration masonry finishes can offer? There have been many articles written that prove the performance values and case studies that confirm masonry’s resiliency in the field. All of them are technically sound and great representations of our industry. I’d rather focus on the aesthetic. Architects are driven by the aesthetic. If we can give a designer the “look and versatility” they’re after without sacrificing resiliency, masonry shines. Let’s consider masonry resiliency from the aesthetic point of view. 

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